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Architecture is about creating a built environment that is alive and which responds to its occupants in a way that speaks to both the emotional and physical senses of man.

There is a direct relationship between the place we inhabit and the emotions we feel, we believe our successful architecture understands this relationship.

The need to be near living things, to be inspired, to create the need for mental awareness, clarity and enlightenment are common basic human requirements.

Only when the architect fully understands these basic universal values can timeless buildings be created.

KAPA is a commercial architectural firm with a strong focus on passive green built environments and our work reflects the passion we have for architecture.


KAPA is an experienced full service Architectural Practice; We offer a complete service from brief to development and concept design, through to construction drawings and contract management.

Below, the Professional Architectural Services we provide which are broken down into workstage/s:

  • Stage 1: Inception
  • Stage 2: Concept and Viability
  • Stage 3: Design Development
  • Stage 4: Documentation and Procurement
    • 4.1: Prepare documentation sufficient for local authority submission;
    • 4.2: Complete construction documentation and proceed to call for tenders.
  • Stage 5: Construction
  • Stage 6: Close Out

However, we are also able to develop a unique, creative service, tailored to your project’s specific needs and requirements as well as the value added benefit of providing Interior Design and Space Planning Services.


Our intensive technological approach through our fully computerised production process enables us to commit more time to consultation, design, sketch planning, illustration and full presentation.

Inter-office communication is handled on a personal level and “red tape” is kept to the minimum.

We encourage active project team participation in all projects, particularly at the design stage.

The following technology forms part of our everyday service to our clients and all the equipment is owned and operated by the practice:

Real-time virtual reality software with interactive head mounted VR display.

CAD & GRAPHIC work-stations utilising an artificial intelligence front end designed in our practice for our work method – Autocad & Revit. Work stations are coupled to an interactive network with high levels of data security and integrity.

PRINTING is done on a fully networked A0 plotter, scanner and printer capable of printing 4m per minute for blueprints.
For full colour presentations we use a networked A0 plotter.

BROCHURES are always printed on recycled paper using our networked A3 laser printer & scanner.

Our service includes detailed computer hyper realistic images to accurately assess finishes and lighting
in exteriors and interiors.

We have broadcast quality animation software and equipment able to produce output on DVD and Blue-Ray.
This is often used to establish the impact on skylines and the immediate environment for rezoning and design

DVD’s can also be produced for marketing purposes.

As part of our design and research effort, we have installed a 3D high definition screen capable of producing 3D depth
images using 3D shutter glasses.

We often create and host project specific Web sites for our clients used for marketing purposes.

We are cable to produce physical 3D print models and we have a printer capable of producing basic models in ABS plastic.



First place winner for the new Debswana Regional HQ in Gabarone


PMR Golden Arrow Award for MOST ADMIRED INDIVIDUAL (architect) – André Krige


South African Building Industry Cladding Awards MERIT No.1 Merchant Place, Sandton


AutoCAD Evangelist award for contribution to AutoCAD in Africa – André Krige


Concrete Society of South Africa design award. Final year thesis – André Krige

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